Terms and rules

» Users Rules
- When you create an account you are rensponsible to remember all your account informations . We dont recover lost Accounts / Passwords, to avoid scam / steal.
- Do not Advertise in any kind of way.
- No Offensive language towards any member.
- Do not use any other language than "English".
- Do not spam the forum.
- Do not create multiple topics about the same thing.
- Do not create new threads in Problems section and Questions section.
- Double Posting is prohibited.
- Do not argue with any Staff member for Actions that have been taken in your Post / Topic.
- Posting copyrighted material or any pornographic content is strictly prohibited. ( Including Avatars , Signatures ).
- Always Use Search Button. Maybe your Answer already exist somewhere.
- Players from Last MU have no right to advertise the server in other MU Online servers.

» Chatbox rules
1. You may not post in any other languages than English.
2. You may not spam or post any links related to:

Any other gaming sites
Sell/Buy/Trade any items
Talking about other gaming servers/sites

3. You may not post more than 10 times in a row.

» Staff Rules
- No abusive or foul language.
- No disrespect towards the forumers.
- No closing the threads without a reason.
- Do NOT delete any threads, just move them into the Recycle Bin.
- Do NOT delete any posts that does not break our rules and terms of service.
- Do NOT move any finished threads to the trash, but just close them and let them stay on the original section.

Any member that breaks these rules can end up temporary or permanently banned from the chatbox.
Any Staff Member that breaks these rules can end up temporary or permanently suspended from the Staff position, depending on the gravity of the infraction.
Rules are subjected to change at any times and players are responsible to accustom to the changes.